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内容导读:  导语:友谊是一盒水彩笔,用稚嫩的手涂鸦出一张张五彩缤纷天真无邪的笑脸。下面是yjbs作文网小编为您收集整理的英语作文,希望对您有所帮助。  友谊的英语作文(1)  Friendship, it is everywhere around us.



  Friendship, it is everywhere around us. It is the treasure of the world, we cherish, deep-rooted friendship also like hatred, not tooth unforgettable.

  Very good time when I was a child, remember when I was a child, my neighbor's granddaughter one year younger than me, we play together every day, all the troubles like gone with the wind outside the cloud nine, since secondary school, he went to the city, I and she is not much, but I still think she is a bosom friend afar brings a distant land near "" go and take away our joy, I miss the days of childhood more carefree, free, this let me more cherish, every day I looked at QQ, her head is on every day, but I dare not to bother her, afraid she said no time, I feel no time, I can't to adjust time she have free time, so quiet looking at, where our friendship as a child?

  This day is Saturday, she came back, he seemed high, look good, I'm still in this way, live the same life, every day I thank it gives me as a child of moving pictures, because of gratitude, so just let me have too many loathe to give up, boys, this is the first time w西藏癫痫治疗专业的医院e meet and talk to me "how the rain, get the house hide it rains, you cold not cold, bring you a coat?" When I left the tears, the original friendship is strong, friendship cannot be passed, this moment, I understand.

  The sound of the rain is very good, because it drops into my heart, is in a rain let friendship back from the dead, let friendship germinate again.

  It is the treasure of the world, we cherish, deep-rooted friendship also like hatred, not tooth unforgettable.







  There is a book, the book has a harmony, a kind, have a sweet... ... The book is called "friendship". Friendship is a shining beacon in my life, life in the friendship you are like a drop of water into the sea, there is no friendship is equal to lost the sun life without a colour. In my life, there i武汉治癫痫病正规的医院s a friendship makes me unforgettable, I remember.

  Remember the third grade, I had a strange skin, nose, face is full of big bag. I went to school with some of erythromycin, came into the classroom, some students immediately shout loudly: "get out of my face! Don't infect me!" Some students even in a low voice say: "disgusting!" Listen to these words, I am very sad, did not dare to look up, only secretly tears behind my back. Just never speak XiaoWei seemed unconscious of my unhappy, came over and whispered in my ear and said: "don't listen to them, it doesn't matter, go! Let's go out to play!" I suddenly one leng, "the leng wear stem? Let's go!" Then she took my rushed to the playground, we play shadow soon appeared in the shade on the field.

  Although this is a few words of ordinary words, but moved me deeply. When I was sick, many students are abandon me in the class, but she is active to seek me to play, I am very happy. My skin quickly, but the few words that I was deeply moved by the words but make me unforgettable!

  Now picture a few years ago often emerge in my mind, at that time, my mood is individual students as "thunder storm", while XiaoWei words like the rainbow after the rain the beautiful luster. I and her friendship is higher than heaven and earth, but want to make their friendship messenger, let do the witness of friendship will never die flowers, let our frie广西癫痫治疗哪里好nds for a long time.






  Friendship is a light in the winter sunshine, make the hungry people feel the warmth of human; Friendship is a congested appear in the desert springs, is on the verge of despair people to regain the hope of life. Friendship is a floating in the night sky in the songs, make people alone to feel the comfort of the mind.

  She and I are neighbors, every day go to school together, play together. Stay for a long time, even as I became her, she turned to me, it gets the same behavior and speech. Some people say that we like a pair of twins.

  Remember her birthday, although she invited many classmates, but she was the first to invite me, but in her heart, put me in the first.

  After eating the cake, everyone playing touch grasp, a class癫痫病治疗的最好方法都有哪些mate, we are straggling around, hide, but I accidentally put her down of an alarm clock, alarm clock fall from high to low, broke. At this moment my heart felt terrible, I bowed his head from time to time, the students are talking to, and at that moment, she stood up said: "everybody listen, this is my alarm clock and, no matter her. Please be quiet." The voice just fell, her mother came along, and suddenly shouted: "who is this alarm clock broken?" I want to say I broke it, but was stopped by her. Her in a low voice said: "it's me." I see that the aunt that fierce eyes did not know well. I hurried to their home and other classmates. The next day, she come to school, I saw her, asked her the result of things, her smile said: "ok."

  Although had it for a long time, but I will never forget.